Expands Offerings to Include Non-Adult Traffic

ATLANTA — Adult-friendly advertising network is expanding its horizons beyond adult.

The company has added the non-adult gossip blog to its roster of available websites. The addition comes as a part of a larger initiative by the company to offer more safe-for-work websites for advertisers to use.

“We built from the ground up to be the ultimate ad rotation solution for any publisher regardless of the type of traffic they have and how they monetize it," CEO Marc Womack said. " represents the first large-scale publisher utilizing our functionality in this space and we see it as not only a great opportunity for our advertisers but a stepping stone to move further into this type of traffic.”'s Ramon Garcia added some clients had made accounts but hesitated to get started because they wanted to exploit non-adult as well as adult traffic.

"Now that we’ve got a high profile, high traffic site like up and running on the platform we’ll be able to provide advertisers the type of traffic they want, which will in turn enable us to get these additional publishers up and running," he said.'s current Alexa rank is 9,876.

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