Raven Riley: ‘I’m Not Retired!’

CINCINNATI — Seeking to refute reports in late May that she left the business, adult model Raven Riley contacted XBIZ last night to inform the adult industry that she is still in the game.

“I have been reading about the rumors and what not, but just know that I am still here and I’m not retired,” Riley said. “That was false information that was given.

“I’m still a owner/model of Third Pentacle and will be attending the XBIZ show,” she said.

When asked for more details, Riley cited impending litigation and her attorney’s desire for her to not comment any further.

Tom Leach, owner of the affiliate program JayManCash.com, which manages RavenRiley.com, paints a different picture than that of his former model. He first announced Riley’s wishes to leave the adult industry on webmaster message board GFY.com on May 23.

According to Leach, Riley forced him to announce her retirement after “she walked out on her members, her friends, her business and all her responsibilities on April 9.” In addition to modeling for her site, Riley also provided affiliate support for JayManCash members.

Leach asserts that Riley came to him in late March and stated that she didn’t want to be Raven Riley anymore. “She was tired of the business and wanted to change her phone number so no one from the industry could contact her,” Leach said. Riley's number was changed April 9, at her request, and was used until it was turned off June 9, according to Leach.

“We then asked her several times between [late March] and May 21 to come into work and learn a new part of the business since she would no longer be taking care of her site,” Leach said. “To which she would never come in [and] quit talking with us, quit texting us [all while] ordering us to keep sending her money anyways.”

Riley says that because the passwords were changed to all her online accounts, including webmaster message boards, and with her cell phone shut off without her knowledge, she was unable to contact anyone until a friend brought her retirement thread on GFY.com to her attention last night. Leach said that Riley's passwords were not changed.

Before he announced Riley’s departure, Leach contends Riley’s retirement rumors heated up on webmaster message boards after she told numerous people that she left the adult industry. Riley’s statements to other people confirming her retirement were substantiated to XBIZ by a source close to the situation.

Leach claims that Riley’s personal life got in the way of business.

“She left her long time boyfriend and began dating another guy that did not want her in the business,” Leach said. “That’s fine with me, but she still needed to work and or learn a new aspect of the business. We [attempted to get her to come to work] until her lawyer told us not to contact her anymore.”

JayManCash currently is engaged in litigation with Riley and the two parties have an upcoming court date. Leach also noted that Riley “has tried several times to empty the company bank accounts.”

Riley says that she will be attending the upcoming XBIZ Summer Forum July 9-11, at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. She was named the official Summer Babe of the XBIZ Summer Forum '08.