EvoSwitch Announces Opening of Expanded Green Data Center

AMSTERDAM — EvoSwitch.com, a Dutch carrier-neutral and CO2-neutral data center, announced that it has completed the expansion of its Amsterdam-based data center.

The expansion is the culmination of successfully selling out the first phase of their data center and continued strong demand for rack space. The new rack space consumes even less power and offers an increased green power capacity of 5-20 kW.

The new data center also offers 2,000 square meters of additional floor surface at EvoSwitch.

"A lot of interest has been shown in our green data center in the past year," said Laurens Rosenthal, EvoSwitch innovation manager. "As a result, we were nearing our maximum capacity. Fortunately, the expansion means that we have ample space again to serve our customers."

More advanced cooling technologies were implemented than in the first EvoSwitch building phase.

"We installed new free coolers on the roof," Rosenthal said. "They have a higher capacity but with less resistance."

The new cooling system has an average year EER of 9. The EER, or Energy Efficiency Ratio, represents the ratio between the cooling energy and the energy required to generate the cooling energy. The higher the EER, the better.

EvoSwitch invested as much as 9 million euros in the expansion. The third phase of EvoSwitch is expected to start towards the end of 2008.

"There is a lot of interest in the green data center," Rosenthal said. "If the number of new customers continues to grow as it has in the past year, I expect we will be able to start building the third phase towards the end of the year, as we originally planned."