Badpuppy Island Opens in Second Life

COCOA, Fla.— Gay video-on-demand network Badpuppy has announced that tomorrow it will go live with the grand opening of Badpuppy Island, within the virtual confines of Second Life.

“I’m very, very proud of Badpuppy and this project,” Badpuppy President/CEO Bill Pinyon told XBIZ. “It’s beautiful and it’s everything that I could ever dream of delivering to the public.

The property, which was developed over eight months by Pinyon and several other in-house programmers, will offer several different areas where Second Life members can live, shop and socializes in a virtual adult wonderland.

“The crux of getting people to come to the island is social networking,” Pinyon said. “There is a social interaction for the people in Second Life that is second to none.”

Badpuppy Island will feature a beach area, as well as many other venues for Second Life to experience.

A four-screen theater will play exclusive Badpuppy content on two screens, and content from the company’s roster of studio partners, which can be viewed free of charge.

There will also be 16 retail stores. One will carry Badpuppy merchandise, and the remaining spaces have been rented to other Second Life merchants.

“We announced to the [Second Life] community that the shops were going to be available for rental on June 13,” Pinyon said. “All the stores except for one are sold out and already have occupants in them, waiting on the publication of the grand opening.”

Remarkably, Pinyon said that only two of the vendors sell adult-oriented products, while the rest sell simulated avatar clothing and artwork, as well as a technology business that has set up shop — and two avatar escort services.

“Oddly enough, that is very big business in Second Life,” Pinyon said.

There is also a dungeon, and a full-scale dance club called The Temple where, at tomorrow’s party, avatar stripper boys will dance on simulated stripper poles.

Two six-story condominium buildings are available for rent, with each condo taking up a floor and priced at between 375 and 475 Linden dollars a month.

Eventually, Badpuppy will also set up virtual production studios in Second Life and, according to Pinyon, Second Life models have already approached the company and are eager to become virtual porn performers.

“Not only will [the content] sell on Second Life, but it’s going to be free content to Badpuppy [website] members so they can see what happens,” Pinyon said, “and we get something to show them that is sexual in nature and anime-ish in format.”

Starting Saturday, the Badpuppy member’s site will carry a link to, which will take them to an area where they will be introduced to the Second Life concept, and also be able to view virtual video clips of avatar activities that will update daily.

“That will become its own community,” Pinyon predicts. “In the last eight months, I’ve discovered that there is a very unique niche, in that people like to watch Second Life avatars in video situations.”

The company also has recently purchased another virtual island property in Second Life, and plans are underway to develop a second virtual space.

Users can go to Second Life and register for free. Once they have built an avatar, they can participate in Badpuppy Island events, like tomorrow’s party.

A live avatar sex show will be featured at the party, which employs two models from the Second Life community.

“The models that are performing in the live sex show tomorrow night asked to be paid 1,000 in Linden dollars,” Pinyon said, “and that roughly equates to $3.20 in U.S.”

Those that are interested in learning more about Badpuppy Island or Second Life applications can contact Pinyon at