Third World Media Launches ‘Thick’ Brazilian Series

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Third World Media introduced its all-new ethnic series, "Thick Chocolate Shakes,” featuring “a tasty treat of five sweet Brazilian females.”

Ed “Whip Cream” Hunter directed the company’s first volume of “Thick Chocolate Shakes,” starring Nina Savage, Gabi, Allanda Baros, Layla and Lebara.

"Though most of our movies shot in Brazil are cast with lighter-skinned ladies, we love all the country's women," Hunter said. "'Thick Chocolate Shakes' answers the demand from our customers who love black South American women, especially the large, thick and luscious kind. We serve up these beauties in pounding black-on-black, all-anal scenes that always end with a thick gooey topping."

Third World Media President Steve Scott said, "'Thick Chocolate Shakes' comes on the heels of our recent title, 'Japanese Whale Hunt.' Both movies expand Third World Media's horizons into the ethnic BBW micro-niche. There are lots of people who love these thick skinned ladies and our job is to bring a sampling to our fans from each continent we work in.

"Third World Media brings all the boys to the yard with our authentic chocolate Brazilian milkshakes," Scott said. "As summer approaches, what could possibly be more soothing and refreshing than 'Thick Chocolate Shakes?'"

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