Third World Touts 'Bi Pole Her 2'

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Third World Media introduced its latest anything-goes title featuring men and women who swing both ways in "Bi Pole Her 2."

"Bi Pole Her 2" is directed by Third World Media's Ed "Gay for Pay" Hunter and stars Melissa Pitanga, Arconjo, Bella, Rudolfo, Arconjo, Lana Paes, Luiggi, Kaiko, Anita Cordeiro, Sandro and Roger.

"These kids today," Hunter said, "they're so different from the way we had sex. In my day, getting a girl naked was enough, but now if you want to get anywhere you have to get her other boyfriend involved. It's all girl-on-boy, boy-on-boy, DPs and pussy-to-the-other-guy's-mouth action with these kids, and they all have an appetite for johnsons of the big and swinging variety."

Steve Scott, president of Third World Media, added that the company's bisexual movies were about sex with no boundaries between a cast of great-looking girls and guys.

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