VCX Plans DVD, Online Launch of Cal Vista Titles

LAS VEGAS — Adult classics distributor VCX has announced its recently acquired library of Cal Vista titles will be available on DVD and streaming video.

The titles, 176 in total, were mostly shot on 35mm film between 1970 and 1985.

July will see the release of the first five movies — “Nothing to Hide,” “Suzy Superstar,” “Easy,” “Sorority Pink” and “Eruption.”

“Classics have an unbelievable following,” VCX President Dave Sutton told XBIZ. “Part of the attraction to classics is that about ninety percent are couple-friendly and feature known stars. ‘Nothing to Hide’ is the ‘Of Mice and Men’ of the adult genre. These titles have intrinsic value.”

VCX is remastering the titles with newly commissioned original extras and a fresh telecine transfer. Added to each title will be four bonus scenes, original film trailers, rarely and never-before seen photo galleries and a cumshot montage usually featured in VCX titles.

"These movies have never looked as good as they will after we're done with them. We’re attempting to duplicate the quality these titles exemplified when they were shown originally in cinematic release.”