Launches Kink Report

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Online fetish community Social Kink has launched its original program, the Kink Report, a video series available on the website.

"You never know what we're going to feature on the Kink Report," Social Kink webmistress and show host Nikki Nefarious said. "It's always something new and different, and we rely on member feedback in a big way. Members are welcome to suggest topics, and they may very well show up in the next report."

Episodes run about five minutes and featured live demonstrations of toys from, video examples from AEBN’s video-on-demand library and explanations of fetish terminology linked to the site’s Kinktionary Wiki. Nefarious is sometimes joined by guest models who aid her in the demonstrations.

"One of the principal drives behind has always been education," site administrator Mandy Worley said. "It's the reason the site includes the kinktionary and why we've used our exclusive articles and interviews to further that goal. The Kink Reports are entertaining, but they're also way educate people about the fetish scene, which is important to the SocialKink community."

The Kink Report mixes education and entertainment, and its multimedia approach makes it an effective teaching tool.

"Fetishism is unique in that there are so many tools of the trade. Understanding their functions and how they relate to one another can be rather daunting, especially for anyone just starting to swim in its ocean of possibilities," Kink Report writer and conceptual designer Tim Snarr said. "The visual learning component present in the Kink Report provides an important contextual framework that I hope will give people a solid jump off point from which to begin exploring on their own, regardless of their level of experience."

The latest edition of the Kink Report discusses medical fetish and is now available on on the Kink Report page.