'Jimi Hendrix The Sex Tape' From Vivid Streets May 6

LOS ANGELES — A sex tape featuring rock legend Jimi Hendrix, "Jimi Hendrix The Sex Tape," is available online now at HendrixSexTape.com and will be available in stores on DVD from Vivid Celeb May 6.

Hendrix, who died in 1970 at age 27, was a master rock guitarist who made his first impression in the U.S. with a 1967 album titled "Are You Experienced?"

The footage on the DVD was shot circa 1968 in a hotel room with Hendrix and two women. To validate the footage, Vivid consulted with veteran groupie Pamela Des Barres, author of "I'm with the Band: Confessions of a Groupie" and founding member of the GTOs, and Cynthia Plaster Caster, an artist who created plaster molds of the penises of rock stars, including Hendrix.

As consultants, Des Barres and Plaster Caster were asked to confirm that the 8mm footage actually showed Hendrix. Plaster Caster, who kept meticulous records of her activities, told how she was invited to Hendrix' hotel room on Feb. 25, 1968, where she made a plaster mold of his penis and which she compares to the one on film.

"No doubt about it," Plaster Caster said. "That's Jimi Hendrix' dick and I should know."

Plaster Caster says Hendrix had an orgasm while he was being cast. She numbered the casting No. 0004 and called it the "Penis de Milo."

"Hendrix liked to be filmed having sex," Des Barres said in the commentary. "He's the ultimate adult film movie star. I understand why everyone wanted to sleep with the guy. He played like an all-encompassing rock orgasm. He reeked of sex. You wanted to strip to keep up with him when he played 'Foxy Lady.'"

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