Dallas Cowboys’ Terrell Owens Pictured on Bang Bros.

MIAMI — A photo of Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens that was posted on entertainment blog TheDirty.com on Monday has created a rash of blog postings. Owens, who is known for his outspokenness, was pictured walking in the background of a Bang Bros. shoot that apparently took place on Miami’s South Beach.

According to TheDirty.com, the photo has been removed from the Bang Bros. website.

However, TheDirty’s Nik Richie said he was unaware of a cease-and-desist letter sent to the TheDirty.com by Owen’s attorneys, asking to have the photo removed and for the site to post a statement to the effect that Owen’s was unaware of his photograph being taken. Richie was alerted when gossip blog TMZ obtained a copy of the letter.

“First off, the Dirty Army broke this story Monday, April 22,” a blog posting from Richie explained. “Just wanted to clarify because a ton of websites are jumping on the band wagon “all the sudden” stealing our thunder and Bang Bros. have completely taken T.O. off their website. Second, I found out this morning, thanks to TMZ, even T.O. knows we broke it. I will put up the legal documents when I get them.

“This story was dead in the water, but it looks like T.O. still wants to be known for his porn skills on the field,” Richie continued. “To whoever leaked that legal document to the media, do you mind leaking it to me, please?”

Owens is represented by attorney Alan M. Lerner, who stated in the letter that TheDirty.com has intentionally set out to embarrass the Cowboys player.

“All this is designed to bring embarrassment to him in his professional and personal capacity, and subject him to ridicule. While your suggest (sic) that this is only ‘gossip and satire’ we view it differently. The clear meaning and innuendo is that Mr. Owens is actively and consensually participating in a porn site — a lie.”

According to a posting on the AOL Sports website, TheDirty.com has also posted “embarrassing” photos of Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinhart and San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith.