Cassidey Parts Ways With NinnWorx_SR

NORCO, Calif. — Adult star Cassidey announced that she has left her position as contract performer for NinnWorx_SR in order to pursue other outlets. The split is amicable and allows Cassidy to work independently, after being signed exclusively to NinnWorx_SR since November.

The announcement came in a short article posted on, operated by L.A. Direct Models agency, which represents Cassidey.

"It's a mutual decision," Cassidey told XBIZ. "Michael Ninn is a genius, I love him to death, but it was time to move on.

"I'm ready to get out there and rock out with my cock out, so watch out," she added.

L.A. Direct owner Derek Hay told XBIZ, "In the brief period between ending her Vivid contract and finding a new home at NinnWorx_SR, we had a very golden period where she was available to work with other studios. Myself and Cassidey are looking forward to being available to other studios and having a variety of choice again."

A spokesperson for NinnWorx_SR confirmed that the split was amicable and that the company was supportive of the star’s decision to pursue other options.

“Cassidey had decided that she wanted to leave her contract because she wanted to dance in more clubs that were outside of [Spearmint] Rhino and its affiliates,” NinnWorx_SR spokesperson told XBIZ.

Cassidey made her decision known to the cast and crew on the set of NinnWorx_SR’s upcoming blockbuster release, “The Four,” prior to shooting her last sex scene for the film on April 2.

According to the spokesperson, Cassidey and scene partner Reno turned in an inspired performance, filmed outdoors on a rock outcropping at sunset.

“Literally, everyone on the set broke into applause. It was twilight. The rain was starting to fall, and the fire was going and we had smoke, steam and it was gorgeous. They did standing penetration, and they went through the scene with all three positions after oral,” the spokesperson said. “When they were done, she said to everyone, ‘I’ve loved working with you guys, and I’m outta here. Give me a call in the future if you want to do something.’”

At the time, Cassidey had returned from a dance engagement in Ohio, which she said had influenced her to end the contract, which did not allow her to book as many dance clubs as she would like.

“All of us knew that we were going to be lucky to have her, for as long as she decided to stay,” the spokesperson added. “She is a true professional and she turns in a helluva a scene.”