Wet Unveils New Inttimo Oil Package at Lingerie Show

VALENCIA, Calif. — Wet International will unveil its new four-ounce Inttimo Aromatherapy Massage and Bath Oil at the International Lingerie Show, April 7-9 in Las Vegas.

"We've had the Inttimo line for a couple of years, and we're introducing the four-ounce size," Jennifer Martsolf, Vice President of Marketing for Wet International, told XBIZ. "We had a two-ounce and an eight-ounce, and stores were asking for something in between. They all look beautiful for retail, and we put a scratch-and-smell card on it so you can experience the scent."

The spa-quality oils come in four scents: Sensuality, Romance, Forbidden Fruit, and Tranquility.

"They're highly infused oils," Martsolf said. "You can put them in the bath and you'll smell divine all day."

The four-ounce bottles will be available as open stock or showcased in a 20-piece point-of-sale display with information about each scent. A fishbowl display of assorted trial size 10 milliliter pillows is also available.

For more information about Wet International products, visit StaysWetLonger.com.

Retailers who want more information can meet with representatives of Wet International in their suite at the Lingerie Show or email Wet parent company Trigg Laboratories at sales@trigglabs.com.