Gay Phoenix Forum Wrap Up

TEMPE, Ariz. — Friday morning, The Gay Phoenix Forum continued unabated after a night of debauchery that no one would admit to... on the record.

The seminar of the day was the “Producing Content Workshop.” The class was touted as “an interactive workshop featuring live models, cameras, technology and displays to actually demonstrate casting and content shooting.”

Harlan Yaffe of PrideBucks moderated a panel that consisted of two working models and three content producers. The content producers included Karl Edwards of, Andy Fair from Magazine and David Adamson, founder of D&E Productions. The models were D&E exclusives Austin Grant and Tyler Evans.

Yaffe began by asking the producers, “Where do you find models?”

Craigslist was brought up, but the producers’ answers varied. Edwards said that in Canada, where he produces, only about every 1 in 30 applicants from Craigslist is worthwhile. Yaffe commented that Miami was a good place to find talent through Craigslist, but Fair said he would rather have Craigslist charge potential models for the ads, therefore “weeding out the rejects.”

“Our models are our best advertisements,” Fair said. “They tell two friends, then they tell two friends and so on.”

Yaffe mentioned that PrideBucks gave referral fees and Edwards agreed, stating he did so as well.

Adamson said that he “would rather give a model the referral fee than an agent. Sometimes you’ll find that boyfriends will turn into agents and they’re the last people you want on set while their true love is getting fucked. Too much drama.”

Yaffe turned his attention to the models and asked how they’d heard about D&E Productions.

“It was word of mouth for me,” Grant said.

“I went to the website and applied,” Evans said. “I was working retail and had always been interested in being a porn star so I thought, ‘Why not?’”

One thing that Edwards points out is that the location you’re working at should look professional.

“Make sure lights are up,” he said. “Make sure the model is comfortable and make sure they understand that you are not some sleazebag just looking to get your jollies off.”

Adamson agreed.

“We have a few different sets,” he said. “We’ve converted our place into an office. So when these guys who have been to our website see the legitimacy of the set, it calms their fears a bit. They know they’re working with pros.”

Yaffe to the models: “Do models get their choice of partners?”

Grant said, “I always like to get to know my sexual partners.”

“It’s a job,” Evans said. “I trust that David will put me in a scene with someone he knows I’ll like.”

Adamson: “I’d be stupid not to. I want a good scene.”

Edwards was quick to note, “We’re not a dating service. It’s disastrous when two models meet beforehand. If they meet and have sex, we lose that spark. Sometimes they’ll hate each other by lunch.”

Model fees were touched upon and what a fair amount was. Fees ranged anywhere from $100 to $3000 or more for high-end models.

“It’s worth it,” Fair said. “The money will come back to you.”

Yaffe to the producers: “How do you choose locations?”

Edwards: “Very carefully.”

He then went on to tell a story of when he was shooting in an upscale hotel and they put their hottest light in the bathroom, where the breaker was.

“We shut down the entire floor of the hotel,” he laughed. “We had security banging on the door wondering what the hell we were doing. You have to be careful, also, that you lock your doors if you’re shooting in a hotel. Housekeeping is fast. They’ll be in in a flash so you have to make sure you’re prepared.

“Back when I was with Bedfellow, we had complaints because we would use the same chair and the same sofa all the time,” he said. “Let me give you a word of wisdom: a slipcover is a pornographer’s best friend.”

Discussion turned to model IDs and release forms.

“There’s a great site that I go to,” Edwards said. “It’s called It lists what you should have when checking for identification from models. Just make sure you’re 2257 compliant — get two forms of valid photo ID from your models. It’ll save a lot of hassle in the long run.

“The last thing you want,” he said, “is to go to jail because of a model. They have to understand: No ID, no work.”

A question was raised in the audience about amateur sites in general.

“What makes them amateur?” he said.

Fair responded, “The photographer is amateur. The models are models. There are no ‘amateur’ models, just ‘amateur’ photographers.”

As time ran short, Yaffe asked the models what the most difficult aspect of the job was.

“That my mom will find out,” Grant said.

Yaffe spoke with XBIZ later and said that the intent of the panel was to actually film the two models having sex, but time ran short.

“We got the audience all hot and bothered and left them with blue balls,” he said. “Next time we’ll need to make sure we pace ourselves better. There were so many questions, though, we need another seminar to fit in the rest.”

After the day of seminars concluded, the parties began.

Gay VOD company Maleflixxx sponsored the “Maleflixxx Cock and Tail Party” where gay mingled with straight and an entertaining show was put on by a pretty blonde girl who was giving a blowjob to her costar across the courtyard in the hotel. The spectacle was being filmed and, when the “act of love” was over, the entire group of onlookers cheered until the poor girl came out to take a bow.

Seen enjoying the open bar was a multitude of the gay (and straight) adult industry’s finest. Maleflixxx representatives Warren Wickens and Brent Meredith welcomed the masses on the second floor veranda overlooking the courtyard.

In attendance were Andy Moore of Channel 1 Releasing, Gary Jackson from CCBill, Andy Yancey and Zak Miller of THEXIS, LLC, Bel Ami’s Jody Burman, Hot House Entertainment’s Steven Scarborough and Brent Smith, GUNNY from, Ken Furtado of X-Factor, Lavender Lounge’s Mark Kliem, Mary G. from FlashCash (who joked about creating an affiliate company called “MoneyCashDollars”), PrideBucks’ Harlan Yaffe, ASACP’s Joan Irvine, Specialty Publication’s Dustin Tyner, Jasun Mark of, Evotum’s Mara Epstein, Harker Jones from GAYVN, Jimmy Rock (CEO of World Wide Feeds), Ferris Bailey of Working Stiff Pictures, Frank Restivo from Mansites (who cosponsored the late night after hours parties with PrideBucks), Karl Edwards from UknowJack and models Austin Grant and Tyler Evans, among others.

The crowd staggered to the next parties, first a pool party sponsored by Intense Cash, then the late night “Suite Parties” sponsored by Mansites and PrideBucks.

Saturday night, Badpuppy sponsored the “Badpuppy Happy Hour” party in the hotel’s host bar Harry’s Bar.

As the weekend wrapped, more parties would be held, more alcohol would be consumed and more business would be done.

All in all, it was a fitting end to an exhausting (and entertaining) weekend.