Ninn Photos to Appear in Strip Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS — Strip Las Vegas’ Scott Santos has announced that Michael Ninn’s photography will appear in the magazine on a monthly basis starting in March.

Ninn is the creator, producer and director of Ninn Worx Media Group, which recently joined forces with Spearmint Rhino to form Ninn Worx_SR.

“Strip Las Vegas Magazine celebrates the exact mixture of live performance and multimedia adult entertainment that I have wanted to incorporate into all of my own work over the past decade,” Ninn said.

“Scott Santos and I had the chance to sit down at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, and he got what Ninn Worx_SR is about, and what we want to do.

“We agreed that Ninn Worx_SR visuals would be a great way to enhance Strip Las Vegas Magazine’s coverage of the live aspects of adult entertainment each month,” he said. “Strip Las Vegas Magazine, in turn, gives all of us a chance to introduce the club consumer to the adult movie industry, and where the two cross over.”