Cocky Boys Signs Brodie Sinclair for First Bottoming Scene

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Adult online content producer Kyle Major’s has announced the signing of performer Brodie Sinclair as a web exclusive. Sinclair, whose sexual orientation is straight but has performed in the gay industry as a dominant top, will bottom for the first time for Cocky Boys.

According to Majors, the deal was negotiated as the result of a friendship between he and the model.

"I met Brodie in 2005" Majors said, "and we realized that there was a bond between us. I accepted his being straight. That was his vibe. That’s what he’s always been and seemed in his scenes. I don’t question people’s labels. I trust people to tell me who they are. I saw something more in Brodie. It was gay, sure, but it was like a straight guy a little bit curious. It was curiosity. I thought it could lead to more."

The first scene Sinclair has performed in for Cocky Boys is available today, with the model performing a solo in which he uses an anal toy. Following scenes will eventually lead to Sinclair’s performance with another model, though no candidates have been named yet.

The model, who is open about his “gay-for-pay” status, explained his motivation to perform as a bottom, which seems to be a combination of curiosity with financial incentive.

"I [want] to be honest about it,” Sinclair said. “After doing this for a while, I’m curious.

“I’m not backing out,” Sinclair added. “It’s still about the money and I signed the papers — but I know what I’m getting into. I want to try it. Considering my past history, in part I’m proving to the industry that I can keep a deal and perform professionally. So, I might as well share this with my fans.”

Sinclair was formerly signed to contracts with gay studios Raging Stallion and is currenty a video exclusive with FPG Entertainment.

Majors said he was confident that Sinclair’s fans and Cocky Boy customers would be anxious to see Sinclair’s progression on the website.

"Brodie is all-American, confident, ridiculously hot, very masculine and of course very cocky. Who wouldn’t want to see him taken down a notch or two?" Majors said. “Seriously, we’re honored that Brodie is going to experiment for us and no one else, but our members at"

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