Vivid Releases ‘Miles From Needles’

LOS ANGELES — Vivid Entertainment has released B. Skow’s “Miles From Needles,” a twisted psycho-thriller that goes from “horrible to horrendous,” according to the director.

The story-driven feature stars Vivid contract star Savanna Samson in a dense plot that includes abduction, murder, high desert sociopaths and a girl/boy character named Flutter.

“It’s about two girls in a lesbian relationship, behind Savanna’s boyfriend’s back. He comes home one day and catches them, and absolutely freaks out. He ends up taking it out on Savanna, and makes the girlfriend watch,” B. Skow told XBIZ. “She then accidentally kills the boyfriend. Savanna sort of passes out and they get in the car and start driving, because they don’t know what to do.

“They end up in the desert, a few miles from Needles, and get pulled over by a cop and they’re thinking that the cop knows about the murder,” B. Skow continued. “But the cop ends up not being a real cop — it’s just a freak guy who has a meth lab out in Needles, and he just pulls people over. Him and his wife are just a really freaky, bizarre couple. So, he arrests them and takes them back to a fake jail, and the movie just gets crazy.”

The movie stars Samson, with April Blossom as her lesbian lover. Steven St. Croix plays the jilted boyfriend, while Kimberly Kane and Evan Stone play the bizarre couple running a meth lab in the desert near Needles. Stone impersonates a policeman for kicks, and Kane’s little brother Flutter is played by James Deen, who dresses as a boy, but is referred to by the couple as a girl.

B. Skow said that he was strongly influenced by Rob Zombie’s “House of 1,000 Corpses” and its sequel “The Devil’s Rejects.” A departure from Vivid’s couples-friendly features, he said he pushed the envelope, particularly in the scene between Samson and St. Croix, which results in St. Croix’s character’s violent death.

“I had to go through legal twice to keep the scene in the movie, but in the end, they let me edit it the way I wanted to edit it,” B. Skow said.

“There’s a lot of cool visuals stuff, and the script is really good,” he added. “It’s a very independent film feel, and you really follow the story. It’s just packed with sex.”

Samson told XBIZ that the production was very different from what she is typically used to working on, and also noted the scene between her and St. Croix as a chance to stretch her range as an actress.

“The scene was so real. It was a very emotional movie. April Blossom is great to work with because she opens to the character just like I do, and I really put so much into what I do,” Samson said.

“I long for a script that is more than just sex — I love the sex, believe me — but if I can practice my craft as an actress, that’s so great,” she added. “It was like making a real movie. In mainstream movies, when it comes to the sex, the door closes, but in our industry it’s possible to make a great movie that’s exciting and thrilling and still have great sex. You don’t want to fast forward through it and that’s the kind of artistic lovemaking that I want to see.”

“Miles From Needles” is released in both standard DVD and Blu-ray format For sales information, contact David Peskin at (866) 466-6969, ext. 108, or via email at