Playboy TV to Feature Big Sister Media on New Series

PRAGUE — The Prague-based brothel known as The Big Sister Club will be featured on a new Playboy TV series this year.

The Big Sister Club lets average consumers have free sex in exchange for the right to record and distribute the action online and on video, received some mainstream coverage from the Bloomberg Newswire and the Los Angeles Times last month.

Soon after that mainstream appearance, Playboy TV came calling. The pay-per-view channel filmed the steamy adventures of a married couple that visited the Big Sister Club to swing.

A Playboy TV representative told XBIZ that the segment would appear on a sexy new travelogue series called "69 Sexy Things to Do Before You Die." The series will make its debut later this month. The Big Sister Club segment will air on at later date to be determined.

Carl “Carlos” Borowitz, vice president of marketing for Big Sister Media, told XBIZ that his company provided both Playboy TV and the couple involved with a good time.

"[The couple] had a good time including dinner, visiting our club on cams and having free sex with two of our girls," he said. "Both partners swapped their partners."

The Bloomberg Newswire noted The Big Sister Club's role in breaking down taboos related to sex and prostitution.

The Los Angeles Times picked up the story from the wire service on Feb. 13.

"Big Sister is marrying 21st-century technology with the world's oldest profession to profit from the public's appetite for ever-more graphic reality TV," the story said.

Borowitz said the article brought an increase in traffic to his company's sites. He added that his company is open to pursuing new partnerships.

“Considering that we have numbers to prove how the concept sells at the online, TV, DVD and mobile end, we are open for partnerships that would bring expertise and resources in order to establish the brand and exploit the unique crossover potential on new markets and through new distribution channels,” he said.

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