Sunny Leone’s First Boy/Girl Title Releases Today

LOS ANGELES — The release of Vivid contract star Sunny Leone’s first boy/girl scene happens today, as Vivid’s “Sunny Loves Matt” hits the streets. The title stars Leone partnered with her former real-life boyfriend Matt Erickson, and features Monique Alexander, Rebeca Linares, Ann Marie, Nick Manning and Charles Dera.

The title has been released in both standard and Blu-ray formats.

A long time girl/girl only performer, Leone’e first boy/girl scenes maybe the most highly anticipated since Vivid contract star Janine shot her first boy/girl in 2004’s “Maneater.”

“I mean, it was weird seeing it. I’ve shot her a bunch of times doing girl/girl, but actually see her doing it?” director B. Skow told XBIZ. “You know, she’s so pretty and I was definitely into seeing her do it — even as a director that has seen a million sex scenes, I was excited about seeing Sunny.

“She did an amazing job,” B. Skow added. “Sunny just let herself go. She gave it all for this movie and didn’t hold back. I’m a pretty tough director as far as the sex scenes go, and I like certain stuff and I like to make sure that the customers have a certain amount of sex and a certain style of sex, and she just went above and beyond that. It was awesome.”

Leone told XBIZ that the decision to finally perform in boy/girl scenes was spurred on by a scene from her last girl/girl title, “The Sunny Experiment.”

In a threesome with Brea Lynn and James Deen, Leone was frustrated at not being able to join in the sex because of the self-imposed restriction on doing only girl/girl. Afterwards, Leone said that she decided that she wanted to perform boy/girl scenes.

The casting of her real life boyfriend, Erickson, also provided Leone with a level of comfort to ease her into sex scenes.

“There was a huge level of being comfortable with what I was going to do, you know?” Leone told XBIZ. “For so long I hadn’t done anything like that, and it’s all brand-new and very intimidating. It can be very scary at times — like, ‘Did I make the right decision?’ Is it the right choice, to choose to work with men? And ultimately, of course it is the right decision otherwise I wouldn’t be doing it.

“For the first thirty seconds that I undid his pants and pulled his cock out,” Leone said, describing the experience, “It was a little awkward because all my peers and everybody I’ve been working with for the last three years that I’ve been with Vivid — now they’re seeing me about to see me put his cock in my mouth.

“But after that initial shock,” she added, “the rest was just easy and it was a lot fun and we had a great, great scene.

According to B. Skow, the oral scene has already created buzz on fan message boards.

“They didn’t have sex for like a week before and I wanted him to come in her mouth,” B. Skow said. “But he shot so much in her mouth, it literally was like a cup of milk — but it is real. Some people are saying that it doesn’t look real, but it’s real.”

“Sunny Loves Matt” and another video, titled “The Other Side of Sunny” were both shot prior to Leone’s break-up with Erickson.

Next week, Leone will start shooting her third boy/girl video, as yet untitled, to be directed by Paul Thomas and featuring the star in three sex scenes with Tommy Gunn, Charles Dera and James Deen, respectively.

Leone also recently wrapped production on a mainstream Bollywood movie. “The Blood of Pirates” was shot in Oman, Jordan in February. Her character is a “typical cutesy L.A. girl” on a search for pirates’ treasure.

“It couldn’t have gone better,” Leone said. “I was there for two weeks, and I got killed. I fall into a five-foot ditch with pongee sticks, they impale my stomach, and I die, and then all this sand swallows me up in the hole and I get buried there.”

The movie, which was filmed in English, will be released in the Philippines and India, and producers are hoping for U.S. distribution.

Leone also recently launched The new paysite and are both available through the affiliate program.

In addition to what’s already on her plate, Leone said, “We have about eight more movies to make for Vivid, this year. I’m really looking forward to seeing how things turn out once this first [boy/girl] movie gets released. It’s a big deal. People are responding well to it already.

“I’m living in the best of every single world and really happy with my career, really happy with my personal life,” she added. “A lot of great, amazing things are happening and great people are coming into my life. It literally can’t get any better than at this moment.”

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