LoveHoney Adds Karmasheetra Bedsheet to Product Line

LONDON — Online adult retailer is offering the Karmasheetra bedsheet, a new product that makes the Kama Sutra easy to do.

The KarmaSheetra bedsheet is designed to make it simple to try the Kama Sutra’s sex positions. The sheets are marked with pink spots for her and blue spots for him to direct lovers into place to help them achieve the ancient text’s challenging poses.

“Karmasheetra is the most fun you can have without actually getting under the sheets,” LoveHoney head buyer Bonny Hall said. “It’s ideal for helping you try sex positions you’ve always wanted to but never dared ask. And it puts an end to awkward moments when you’re not sure exactly what’s supposed to go where.”

The Kama Sutra, a work of art widely regarded as the definitive text on lovemaking, was written between the first and fourth centuries by Indian sage Mallanaga Vatsyayana. The most famous erotic literature ever published, the Kama Sutra includes in-depth descriptions and illustrations of 64 sexual positions.

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