ODBN Signs Beamonstar as Latest Adult Store Channel Participant

PHOENIX — Beamonstar, producer of sexual enhancement products, has joined ODBN to participate in its Adult Store Channel kiosk program, which launched in beta late last year.

Beamonstar President Jeff Bolanos said that by using Adult Store Channel's high-definition plasma screen point-of-purchase advertising and interactive touch-screen kiosks, retailers and adult shoppers will learn more about his various products.

“Supporting our dealers and distributors has always been very important to us,” Bolanos said. “There is always a benefit to reaching adult shoppers at the point of purchase. In fact with the ASC’s system [we] are reaching 1.2-2 million very qualified adult shoppers every month.”

The kiosks were first released in October during a testing phase using Topco Sales' My First line of adult toys and novelties, a beta phase that proved a substantive increase in the products' sell-through rate, ODBN founder Steve Fecske told XBIZ.

"We also have increased the sell through rate for Third Degree, Zero Tolerance and Bang Brothers DVDs by using the kiosk to make distinct impressions, enabling shoppers to see actual trailers on the kiosk," Fescke said.

Fecske further noted that the kiosks act not only as an advertising tool, but also a source of detailed product information, allowing customers to make informed decisions without the help of a store clerk.

"We really thought that the kiosks allowed people who might be new to the world of sex toys to get info and learn about the products — especially if they're shy, timid or don't know the questions to ask," said Desiree Duffie, Topco Sales director of marketing and public relations.

Beamonstar produces what it calls all-natural daily supplements, including ExtenZe and its two newest enhancers: the orgasm-enhancing XploZion and semen-sweetening Sweeten69.

Bolanos said that Beamonstar's products are now visible on nearly 250 screens in about 100 adult stores.

For more information, visit ODBN.net.