Steven Hirsch to Speak Out on Child Protection at Yale

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — Vivid Entertainment cochairman Steven Hirsch plans to address students in Yale University’s Graduate School of Management on Saturday about the importance of shielding children from adult content online.

Hirsch’s appearance comes on “Vivid Day” during the Sex Week at Yale, a celebration of “love, sex, intimacy and relationships.”

According to the Vivid press office, Hirsch intends to call on Internet giants Yahoo and Google to build stronger barriers that would keep children from accessing porn online.

"Responsible companies in the adult industry such as ours have done a great deal to deter minors from accessing adult material," Hirsch said. "None of the search engines and portals, but particularly Yahoo and Google, has taken any significant steps in this direction.”

While Hirsch noted that the 1st Amendment protects legal adult entertainment, he stressed the importance of companies in the adult industry coming together to ensure that only adult have access to adult material.

“Vivid will work with any company that is ready to make it much more difficult for children to be exposed, even inadvertently, to material intended only for adults,” he said. “This is not about 1st Amendment rights, it is about protecting children.”

Hirsch intends to implore major ISPs to robustly promote effective filtering and age verification programs.

"The ISPs, as well as payment systems and adult producers, all need to be more responsible with regard to allowing X-rated material to be obtained by nonadults," Hirsch said.