Shipping Starts for ‘Bad Luck Betties’

LOS ANGELES — Vivid Alt has released their latest title, “Bad Luck Betties,” directed by renowned pin-up photographer and adult director Winkytiki.

The video showcases the director’s retro style and features performers Smokin’ Mary Jane, Mika Tan, Marie Luv, Bianca Dagger, Paige Richards and Pinky Lee.

“It’s a really elaborate but sexy, sexy movie,” Vivid Alt founder Eon McKai told XBIZ. “Octavio pushes it really hard. For people that have been following his stuff, this is definitely a bigger movie in a lot of ways. Definitely a lot more involved — we rehearsed the dialogue and it was cast very carefully, and a lot of care was taken at every step.”

The title shipped Tuesday and streets on Feb. 21.

"I think put it the best when they said, "Winkytiki is by far the most dynamic and expressive director working in adult entertainment today," Vivid’s David Peskin said.

The video’s plot follows four Hollywood starlets, as they find themselves trapped in the “seedy underbelly” of show business. After being rejected by the establishment as damaged goods, the girls develop a taste for violence and revenge that leads them into running a lucrative underground contraband ring, which is eventually threatened by the construction of a freeway bypass.

“Bad Luck Betties” strangely twisted plot is part of Winkytiki’s campy surrealism, evident in his two previous releases, “Man’s Ruin” and “Rebelle Rousers.”

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