Pokes Fun at Derrick and Romaine

SAN FRANCISCO — Newly launched gay online entertainment blog created a stir this week when, in anticipation of the GAYVN Awards Show on Feb. 16, a comical list of five things expected to happen at the show was posted on the site and one of the entries included gay personality Rod Barry mistaking show co-host Romaine, of the Derrick and Romaine Show, with a ficus.

A controversy was sparked when several gay blogs got hold of the item and generated a buzz that resulted in the GAYVN co-hosts Derrick and Romaine lashing back at The Sword on their own Sirius satellite radio show “The Derrick and Romaine Show,”, broadcast on the OUTQ Network.

"I can't believe they took us seriously," Sword editor Michael Stabile said. "We've only been live for a few weeks and to hear our name repeated was a real trip, but to have Romaine threaten to punch me in the face was surreal."

During the ensuing four-hour radio show, Stabile called in to compliment the pair on their good sportsmanship. Romaine, apparently, refused to back down from Stabile and said that his comments were a result of closet homophobia and an “eat-your-own” gay culture. is the latest online venture from gay pay-per-view provider, and completes a trio of gay industry outlets powered by NakedSword including and the “Tim and Roma Show.”

“There’s plenty of adult content on the market but very little about the stars or productions themselves, once you discount the breathless press releases and reviews,” Mike Stabile said. “With The Sword, we want to show that porn is integral to our culture, while highlighting the perverse and fun side of gay culture in general. We’re not really interested in babies or marriage.”

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