Offering New Advertising Campaign

LOS ANGELES — has launched a new advertising program designed to get banner impressions and clicks for buyers from Rude’s live sections.

Traditionally a pay-per-view offering, selected live voyeur houses and live group shows will now be free to the reported 1.5 million members of to view, through the use of advertisers' fully skinned live show pages.

“This is really a unique and innovative new way for advertisers to get great exposure," Marketing Manager Chandie Foster said. "The viewers get free live shows, the advertiser gets branded exposure to 10,000-plus members an hour coming through the live system, and the producers earn revenue sharing from the sponsor, encouraging them to do whatever is needed to keep their sponsor happy. It is truly a win-win-win situation that can't be beaten for the cost of these placements." is a social networking site for adults offering user created and uploaded live and recorded video and still-image content, along with Rude personal pages.

For information on upcoming live shows and sponsored live show/house advertising opportunities, contact