Gonzo Pioneer Shane Camps It Up at AEE’s Naked Sword Booth

LAS VEGAS — The guys at Naked Sword’s booth the week at the AEE got a little extra attention from one of their neighbors. The legendary Shane was signing across the aisle for Sunshine DVD and could not stay away from the gorgeous guys across from her.

Each day there was a new selection of guys to pick from, and every time she would be asked to pose for a picture with the hunks there to promote Naked Sword, including Roman Heart, the Jaric boys, Dean Flynn, Jake Deckard and Diesel Washington.

“This show was a blast," Shane said. "These guys were so hot, how could I stay away? Not only were they cute and buff but they’re all so nice. They were all as crazy as me and that’s not an easy thing to be. If I do another one of these shows I hope our booth is near the gay section. They’re way more fun than straight guys.”

Sunshinedvd.com is also the official site for all the Men of Odyssey titles, including this years multi-nominee, "Beach House Diaries."