Topco Sales Introduces Reformulated Semenex

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Adult novelty manufacturer Topco Sales introduces Semenex — the popular powdered shake mix renowned for its ability to sweeten the taste of semen.

Available to distributors from Topco Sales, Semenex is the invention of husband and wife team Brent and Lois Myers. After several years independently producing, marketing and selling Semenex, the couple inked a deal in early 2007 to make Topco Sales the exclusive manufacturer of the patented formula.

"Semenex was inspired by and developed after my own research into the importance of semen in ancient cultures revealed that it was common in many of them, particularly that of ancient Sumer, to actually sweeten the taste," said Brent Myers. "Together, my wife and I finally hit upon the right combination and concentration of certain key fruits, vegetables and spices that actually sweeten the flavor of semen while effectively reducing its usual salty-bitter taste. Over the years, the many independent reviews given our product in media worldwide have made Semenex the most talked about semen taste enhancer on the market. We are now very pleased to work with Topco Sales and their Marketing and Research & Development departments to finally take Semenex to the next level."

The science of Semenex is based on the unique combination of ingredients that neutralize and naturally sweeten the flavor of semen. Semenex is very healthy and is full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that are highly beneficial to men's diets. Semenex is also compatible with a vegetarian diet as it contains no meat or dairy byproducts. Studies and first-hand testimonials specifically find that Semenex significantly reduces the bitter or salty taste of semen. Many women report that semen enhanced with Semenex tastes sweet and bitterness is eliminated.

Topco Sales made slight adjustments to the Semenex recipe to make it even better. After extensive research and further development, the FDA registered laboratory at Topco Sales reformulated Semenex to make the shake mix tastier for him while still retaining the amazing taste results for her.

"We worked long and hard on this formula and made it even smoother for him to drink! We have maximized the benefits of a healthy blend of fresh fruits and vegetables (freeze-dried at the peak of their potency), supplemented with vitamins and minerals to make him more of a man for her womanly pleasure," says Tim Crawford, Technical Director of Drugs, Nutrition and Cosmetics for Topco Sales.

A new, repackaged look for the brand, plus a retail-friendly point-of-purchase display, also make Semenex better than ever. The display offers Semenex in single-serving units and provides consumers with instructions and information in a handy brochure. Ten-serving containers will also be available. Look for Semenex in the Topco Sales 2008 ‘Redefining Passion' Super Catalog, or contact your distributor.