Considering Condos in S.F. Armory

SAN FRANCISCO — founder and CEO Peter Acworth has approached the San Francisco Planning Department with the idea of converting space in the massive Armory Building into condos for resident BDSM lifestylers and other kinky folks.

Acworth acquired the 93-year-old Armory Building in January for $14.5 million after the property had stood vacant for nearly 30 years.

The purchase raised controversy with locals in the area that felt it was an inappropriate location for an adult production facility, but Acworth and company prevailed, and the site is now their main production studio and Kink administrative headquarters.

Currently, Acworth is considering a plan to take part of the Armory and convert it into condos that would be inhabited by residents willing to appear in content for Kink’s online sites. The dwellings would come complete with live webcams.

And while City Zoning Administrator Larry Badiner points out that neighbors may not agree with the use of space, there might not be much that the city can do to stop it.

"We'd probably have a tough time saying a residential use is not appropriate," Badiner said. "If it happens to include bondage, that's what [residents] are paying for."

Acworth is keeping mum about the plans for now.

"My discussions with the Planning Department have been extremely hypothetical to say the least," Acworth told "There is no firm plan for using the Armory for anything but a conventional film studio for now."

"I'd be happy to let you know when and if any other plans are made," he said.