Vivid Streets Jason Sinclair’s 'Pay or Play'

LOS ANGELES — Jason Sinclair’s first Vivid release, “Pay or Play” streets today, starring Vivid contract stars Sunrise Adams, Lanny Barby, as well as Kimberly Kane, Ashley Blue, Cindy Jennings, Marc Davis, Nick Manning, Kurt Lockwood, John Strong and Mike Striker.

The movie marks the third release in as many months for Adams, who returns as a Vivid contract performer after a 4-1/2 year hiatus. The two other Vivid titles that have been released since her comeback include “Sex Addict” and “Off the Hook.”

“When we looked at the numbers, there’s no doubt that Sunrise Adams is a superstar in this business,” Vivid’s David Peskin said.

“Pay or Play” centers around six vignettes; Sinclair said that a lot of thought went into pairing the performers.

Adams is in two boy/girl scenes — one with Lockwood and the other with Striker — and Sinclair described a squirting scene between Jennings and Davis as “amazing.”

“I wanted a lot of squirt — one of my favorite series is the ‘G-Man’ series by Axel Braun and I’m obsessed with squirts,” Sinclair told XBIZ. “[Vivid producer] Shylar was just freaking out, running. [Jennings] was squirting so much, it was hitting the equipment and we had to move lights. It was almost like shooting Flower Tucci.”

Peskin said that another scene between Kimberly Kane and Nick Manning was “scorching.”

“I was like, ‘Who should I put Kimberly with?’ Because Kimberly is a very tall girl and she has those legs, and I didn’t want to put her with a guy that’s shorter than her or that wouldn’t take control of her, because she can be very dominant,” Sinclair said.

“So I just let them go at each other, and they just destroyed each other,” Sinclair said further. “He calls her a whore, and she looks at him and says, ‘You’re a whore.’ She fought back with him in the scene, in a sexual way.”

The title has Adams (with Mike Striker) and Barbie performing in separate non-condom scenes, which Sinclair said they felt comfortable doing because of the chemistry with the male performers.

“There’s a Lanny Barby and John Strong scene that’s one of the hottest scene I’ve seen. There’s a really hot connection with those two,” Sinclair said. “Lanny’s so amazing and I knew I had to put her with John because he’s going to give me what I need for the scene. I knew if I put Lanny with John, all I would have to do was hold the camera, and he would give me the shots.”

The director added that he is open to working with or without condoms, depending on performer preference.

“I don’t actually mind condoms because whoever wants to feel safe, feels safe. But I know some fans find them distracting, so I was able to give them a couple of scenes,” Sinclair said.

As for Sinclair’s famous older sister, Evil Angel director/performer Belladonna, she does not appear in the video or any of the four upcoming titles that Sinclair has already shot for Vivid. Sinclair, who also works with Evil Angel director Manuel Ferrara and recently signed a contract with Platinum X Productions, didn’t even ask his big sis for directorial tips.

“I understand that she’s a very famous person and everybody’s always going to bring that up,” he said. “But she’s doing her thing and I’m doing my thing. We don’t work together or do anything like that. I work for Manuel Ferrara, Vivid and Platinum X. But I don’t mind because I love my sister. If I didn’t I probably would mind, but I love her."

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