Hollywood Catches a Glimpse of 'Voluptuous Life'

LOS ANGELES — Hollywood artists, photographers and scenesters alike were handed a peek into "The Voluptuous Life" on Friday night at the release party, paying homage to the new Carlos Batts-directed film at Stage B in Hollywood, Calif.

Beginning early on, DJs Matter and Jazzo set the tone of the party by playing a mix of urban hip-hop, old school rap and indie rock, which got the versatile crowd moving and grooving in the two colorful rooms.

The rooms also hosted as a melting pot for dancing, drinks and conversation. Still shots from the Bad Seed film were hung on the walls for everyone’s viewing pleasure and fascinated guests walked from picture to picture, the whole vibe altogether reminiscent of an intimate lower-East-side art show.

Guests of honor Carlos Batts, "The Voluptuous Life" director, and wife April Flores, the film's star, granted interviews during the course of the evening, which drew the attention of several photographers. The couple could be spotted from halfway across the room, not only because of their bold sexual energy, but because Flores appeared to be glowing in the light of her fluorescent orange hair and matching lipstick.

While gracefully chatting and smiling with guests, Batts and Flores elaborated on the production of "The Voluptuous Life," which chronicles the two traveling from coast to coast in search of all things underground art and sexually invigorating.

Just before the night grew to a close, infamous fetish model Masuimi Max donned the party with her presence and it was noted almost immediately as the entire energy of the room shifted toward her stunning persona.

Standing next to her husband as she was pulled in different directions, Batts smirked almost instinctively, “ I’m used to it.”