'Jenna’s Gallery Blue' Hits Stores Today

LOS ANGELES — Never-before-released “Jenna’s Gallery Blue” will hit stores today. Helmed by legendary director Chi Chi LaRue, the title features Jenna Jameson in two girl/girl scenes, one with former Vivid contact star Cassidy.

“Chi Chi was one of our top directors for so many years,” Vivid’s David Peskin told XBIZ. “And Jenna’s numbers never seem to slow down. She continues to deliver an extremely large quantity out the door.”

Also featured in an all-girl threeway with Jameson are Dee and Nicole Sheridan, in a cast that features Dru Berrymore, Michelle Michaels, Cailey Taylor, Randy Spears, Marc Davis, Alex Sander and T.J. Cummings.

The supernatural-themed feature is based on Rod Sterling’s “Night Gallery” TV show, which aired in the early ‘70s.

Jameson invites viewers to watch several vignette-style scenes of “sexual debauchery,” as she assumes the role of the narrator, originally played by Sterling on the TV show.

Directed by LaRue, “Jenna’s Gallery Blue” is one of the last collaborations between Jameson and the legendary director, who worked together many times for LaRue’s “Where the Boys Aren’t” series, produced by Vivid.

Featured in the new release is a repeat performance with Jameson and Cassidy, who last worked together in “Where the Boys Aren’t 14.”

For sales information, call Peskin at (866) 466-6969, ext. 108 or email davep@pulsedistribution.com.