Vivid Goes Amateur With 'Brand New Faces 2' DVD, Site

LOS ANGELES — Adult multimedia company Vivid Entertainment has jumped into the amateur market with “Brand New Faces,” a Vivid exclusive website with companion DVD series directed by Vivid contract director B. Skow.

“Brand New Faces 2” hits the street tomorrow.

The all-original paysite and DVD series marks the first time that Vivid has launched exclusive content in different distribution formats simultaneously, according to Vivid’s David Peskin.

"Consumers will have a choice of buying a DVD or downloading footage refreshed daily from our website. Either way, they will have hours of fresh entertainment to enjoy with the assurance that all the girls are first-timers and of legal age," Peskin said.

Also, the company is offering a 100 percent, money back guarantee to any customer who can prove that the newbie performers have appeared in a videotaped sex scene prior to their onscreen debut for Vivid.

“We only shoot girls that have done nothing. We check into the 2257s and we make sure that they have never shot anything on video,” Skow told XBIZ. “They’re allowed to do nude layouts in magazines or maybe some solo stuff, but this is their very first time having sex on camera and it’s real.”

The fresh take on gonzo amateur style, according to Skow, guarantees authentic reactions from the girls, who are allowed to take the shoot at their own pace.

“We don’t do that thing where we find a girl walking a dog and convince her to come back and all of a sudden she’s having sex. It’s real. They come in and they hang out here, and we try to make them as comfortable as possible,” Skow said.

“They have their makeup done and we shoot some photos. We video everything, and then they do a little solo, strip-down tease, and I interview them about doing their first scene and why they’re doing it, and just a little bit of their background, and why they got into porn. It’s their first thing, so there’s a little interview, too, of who they are so you get to know them — and then they do their first sex scene,” he said.

Both the website and the DVDs will showcase a variety of models, though Skow said that the website would offer a wider variety of content, including solo and girl/girl scenes, while the DVDs would feature boy/girl sex scenes with an occasional girl/girl.

For “Brand New Faces 2,” Skow said he shot a wide range of first-timers.

“I shot a girl; 27-years old and she works at a Harley place, like the person who does the financing when you buy a motorcycle and she’d never done anything,” Skow said, describing newbie performer Phoenix Marie.

“She hadn’t had sex in a year — she’d broken up with her boyfriend and she just decided to do it out of the blue. It’s a true story. She just came in and did a great scene because she was doing it because she really wanted to,” Skow said.

Potential performers find their way to the Vivid offices, or are referred by agents who are anxious to offer a first-time role in a Vivid production. Skow said he actively recruited a pair of newbies, also, for the latest release.

“There are these two punk rock girls that I met at a concert,” he said. “They’ve never done anything and they’ll never do anything again, but they did it for this one time because they’ve always wanted to do a sex scene on-camera.”

The production quality of the title and website is much higher than average, in terms of typical gonzo content, according to Skow.

“It’s not intrusive the way I shoot it. And that’s another thing that’s great — it’s lit so crystal clear for gonzo-type content,” he said. “It’s beautiful and there’s not one bit of that girl that you cannot see. It’s just so clear and you get a real feel for how she’s feeling. The camera is not all over the place and it’s just shot really well.”

The male talent appearing in the series includes several top industry studs like Tommy Gunn, Voodoo and Sascha; Skow said they are anxious to work on the series because of the laidback approach and atmosphere. It also is an extra enticement for amateur girls who have been watching male stars in adult videos before deciding to take the plunge.

“They’re experienced and they know positions, they know how to work with camera,” Skow said of the male performers. “So using them, I don’t have to talk as much to the girl. I kind of let the girl get into it. Eighty five percent of it, the girls are really into it, but it’s 100 percent real.”

For sales information, call Peskin at (866) 466-6969, ext. 108 or email, or visit the store.