Adult DVD Empire Revamps Site

WARRENDALE, Pa. — Online retailer Adult DVD Empire has relaunched with a new design that features a completely new appearance as well as an overhauled backend, all geared toward creating better functionality for the end user.

“We’ve been working on a way to simplify our user interface, while maintaining the high level of product support and navigation that we have always taken great pride in providing to our customers,” Adult DVD Empire Director of Business Development Mike Barry said.

“We feel that with our new streamlined website, people will be able to find the products they’re interested in without being bombarded with unnecessary or unwanted distractions during the shopping experience.”

The new streamlined page design features quick text links on the header of each page, giving consumers the option to quickly access the most popular media pages on the site.

Added also to the site are updated graphic-enhanced links that encourage easier navigation where users can click by category. The “image teaser” buttons can be seen in the video-on-demand and novelty areas.

Site designers also have eliminated left-hand toolbars, claiming it results in a cleaner look and easier navigation with drop-down menus for categories and genres at the top right-hand corner of each page.

Click here to view the newly designed