Alexander’s 'Arabian Tales 2' on NakedSword-AEBN

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Alexander Pictures’ new film "Arabian Tales 2" is now available on video-on-demand exclusively through NakedSword-AEBN.

It is the second part of a series produced and directed by Alexander, who is known for his work in Brazil but expanded his repertoire to include films shot in Spain and some with a Middle Eastern theme, like "Arabian Tales 2."

As with Alexander's other films, "Arabian Tales 2" is set in an exotic locale, but this time it's the exotic Middle East. This fantasy setting acts as a backdrop for the action starring Hamzan Majid, Jalal Aldin, Muzzafar, Nijad Hayyan, Shakir Dabir and Khalaf Mujib. To capture the glorious ambience of classic films set in Arabia, the movie was filmed in sepia, giving it an old-world feel, according to a representative.

"In this sequel to 'Arabian Tales 1,' the XXX-version of Lawrence of Arabia continues," Alexander said. "It will be an additional jewel to lovers of old-world feel Arabian men. Do not miss hot Alexander Pictures superstar Muzzafar (Tommy Lima) performing steamy sex with his buddy Jalal Aldin."

This title is the latest exclusive release from Alexander available through NakedSword-AEBN in a line that has included “Poolside Heat,” “Underwater,” both installments of “Jungle Cruisers" and the original "Arabian Tales."

"We love our exclusives from Alexander," AEBN's Chris Baker said. "They always create such high-quality productions with the hottest models around. This one is a great sequel to a great original and the little touches Alexander adds, like the sepia coloring, takes it to a whole new level."

“Arabian Tales 2” is currently available through NakedSword-AEBN, along with all the former exclusive titles from Alexander Pictures.