'Pinks' 3-D CGI Adult Animation Sales Up

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Adult Source Media said it has sold out the first run for "PINKS 3D" on the day of its release.

The release of "PINKS 3D" coincides with an in-depth article on "PINKS" in Heavy Metal magazine, which has helped propel the demand for the unique 3-D animation film within both the adult and animation communities, the company said.

"In a year in which the adult industry is producing a record number of generic gonzo releases, a big budget, high quality 3-D adult animation movie is something fresh and in great consumer demand," ASM President Wendy Crawford said.

“We have a great team of talented 3-D animators from Hollywood, developed a great story that appeals to everyone all over the globe, and finally, top it all off with five great sex scenes that are absolutely outrageous.”

Crawford was equally ecstatic by the pre-orders and sales throughout the world. “Our out-the-door numbers have already surpassed our projections for the entire first quarter and the response at the Venus Berlin show was like nothing we’ve ever seen," Crawford said.

To watch a trailer for "PINKS," click here.