Vivid Star Monique Alexander Appears on Fox News

Vivid contract star Monique Alexander appeared on a recent episode of the Fox News talk show "Red Eye" to discuss a recent study that says abstinence-only sex education doesn't work.

"Red Eye" host Greg Gutfeld asked Alexander if she had taken sex ed as a student. Alexander offered a coy reply.

"It definitely intrigued me, but I found that hands-on training was much more effective," she said.

Here's how Gutfeld described the study:

"A new study found no strong evidence that abstinence programs delay the loss of virginity or reduce the number of sex partners," he said. "But the report says that two-thirds of sex-ed programs delay sex among teens, reduce partner numbers and increase use of contraceptives."

The "Red Eye" hosts also didn't understand the difference between a "Vivid Girl," as Alexander described herself, and a regular porn star.

Alexander told them that regular porn stars are fake-looking with surgically enhanced breasts, while Vivid Girls are more natural-looking.

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