Industry Veteran ‘Poppy’ Now With L3 Payments

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif. — After a long run as a senior account executive with Jupiter Hosting, Paul “Poppy” Gelvezon has moved on to a new position with L3 Payments, a company that provides credit card and automated clearing house (ACH) merchant accounts.

In his new position at L3 Payments, Poppy said he is responsible for “selling, marketing and expanding the business from its core of quality, high-profile clients,” adding that he plans to draw on the many contacts he has made over his years in the business.

“L3 Payments provides merchant accounts to webmasters through preferred relationships with six banks in three separate Visa regions — North America, Europe and Latin America,” Poppy told XBIZ.

L3 Payments was established in 2003 after its founder, Kjell Petridis, sold a significant portion of Jettis to Paycom, during his tenure as president there. Poppy added that Petridis’ experience and expertise are a big part of what drew him to L3.

“Kjell was on the founding management team for Jettis, was its president for six years and has over 10 years experience in the high-risk credit card processing space,” Poppy said.

Poppy told XBIZ that L3 Payments’ focus is helping its clients increase revenue and profitability by enabling them to maintain more control over their billing solution, and allowing clients to own their own data. The company also provides chargeback processing and risk management services.

The bottom line, Poppy said, is that L3 Payments “shows clients how to diversify their risk and take control of arguably the most critical component of their business — processing.”

“We have six banks and we are adding a seventh on Dec. 1,” Poppy said. “Clients can open multiple merchant accounts through L3 Payments to diversify their dependency on any single bank. Our risk management services help clients that are new to direct merchant account processing by managing the transition from a third-party platform.”

For more information on L3 Payments’ services, contact Poppy at