Veteran Director Roy Karch Launches Website

LOS ANGELES — After forming his own production company, securing a distribution deal and completing his first two wholly owned titles, veteran director Roy Karch has launched, his first official online presence.

"The Internet is where the future is," Karch told XBIZ. "It's where lots of people are, it's where the money is, it's where the future is. It reflects my work. They're feature movies. They aren't gonzo movie, they're feature movies with hot sex. To translate that to a website is a puzzle."

Users can watch trailers of movies Karch has produced and directed, view stills galleries and watch his movies through links to video-on-demand services Sugar VOD, Hot Movies, AEBN and Adam & Eve On Demand. A biography detailing Karch's 30-plus years in the adult entertainment industry is available through the site.

Karch plans to expand the site to include a paid membership area.

"We'll add more still shots, director's cuts of scenes that I have. Stuff that's more explicit. If you want more, you have to pay more," Karch said.

"My webmaster told me that the site is quite unique because of the content. It's upscale, high-quality content. Everything is high-res, there are major makeup artists and major wardrobe and sets, and you can see they're different movies, they aren't just shot for the Internet. He said that the trend for websites is less risqué and classier stuff is coming back. I don't know if he's right, but it's a great compliment."

For more information, visit the Roy Karch Productions website.