Britney Goes Gonzo in 'Britney Rears 4'

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Director Will Ryder's "Britney Rears 4: Britney Goes Gonzo" is due in stores Nov. 27.

The rom X-Play/LFP Video spoof, loosely based on the pop singer’s life, picks up following Britney Rears' misuse of a time machine that accidentally blasts her back to 1974, and centers around candy lollipops that when sucked, turn everyone into gonzo sex addicts.

With nine sex scenes including two bonus scenes, more than one hour of behind-the-scenes footage and four total hours on the DVD, Britney Rears keeps her fans shocked and happy, a representative said.

“We took Britney to places she’s never been including multiple group-sex scenes and some really dirty anal action because it looks like the other Britney is getting the hell banged out of her on an almost nightly basis,” Ryder said.

Female Performer of the Year and SexZ Pictures contract star Hillary Scott returns in her award-winning role as Britney and had a blast in what could be her final "Britney Rears" movie, according to the company.

“You never know but Bo Kenney has been really great letting us continue to use Hillary in our Britney movies even though she’s signed with SexZ,” X-Play’s Scott David said.

“If I could, I would use Hillary in everything we do because she’s an excellent actress, a wonderful sex performer and really quite a big star,” Ryder said.

"Britney Rears 4: Britney Goes Gonzo" stars Scott, Jamie Elle, Daisy, Veronique Vega, Sativa Rose, Kissy Kapri, Serena Marcus, Jessica Sweet and a gaggle of male studs including James Bartholet, who appears as the zany TV reporter.

Hillary Scott appears courtesy of SexZ Pictures.

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