Launches Affiliate Site

VANCOUVER, B.C. — Newbie genderqueer website,, has announced the launch of its affiliate program, also called Good Dyke Porn. Webmasters can visit the main site and access the program by navigating to the affiliate page.

“There’s no fancy name,” Good Dyke Porn founder Bren Ryder told XBIZ. “Just a sign-up option for webmasters to help spread the word of Good Dyke Porn while making money at the same time.”

Reflecting the increasing sexual fluidity that seems to have become more prevalent with the younger generation of gay women or individuals defining themselves as “genderqueer,” Good Dyke Porn features bisexual, queer and transgender performers. Ryder uses local amateur talent and emphasizes the authentic sexual orientation of the models, as opposed to “mainstream” lesbian content that is produced by straight companies for a primarily male audience.

Launched in August, Ryder has been aggressively promoting and expanding the website.

A 23-minute video, also called “Good Dyke Porn,” has been shown at several GLBT and erotica film festivals; most recently at the Berlin Porn Film Fest, as well as the Rochester Gay & Lesbian Film and Video Festival, Vancouver Queer Film Festival and the Lisbon Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, held in Spain.

Online, aside from adding the affiliate program, Ryder is inviting other filmmakers to contribute content to the website and building on the site’s social networking capabilities.

“Starting immediately, I will be accepting submissions from anyone wanting to contribute their work of porn to the library of Good Dyke Porn,” Ryder said. “This is an opportunity to expand the representation of work from all over the world and to share the wealth among other brave and talented DIY [do-it-yourself] porn producers.”

“Watch for ‘Project 1000’ for more details and guidelines,” Ryder said, hinting at upcoming features.

Other features at the site include blogs, hosted photo galleries and exclusive video content. Webmaster can make 50 percent payouts on new and reoccurring sales.

For more information, visit the website.