Topco Offers 'Cheap Sex' Dolls

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Novelty manufacturer Topco Sales has added four new "humorously whorish" blowup dolls to its Cheap Sex line.

The four dolls all have large breasts, three openings and character-related accessories.

Shanita Buck, The Inflatable Stripper Doll, glows in the dark and has thigh-high stockings silkscreened on her legs. Truck Stop Trixxxie, The Inflatable Lot Lizard Doll has a removable plaid top and skirt. Kum Inmee, The Inflatable Happy Ending Doll comes with a removable kimono, inflatable obi sash and decorative hairpin. Backstage Betty, The Inflatable Band Blowing Doll has a removable cap, bikini top and shorts, plus an inflatable guitar.

"We made them with a personality," Topco's Desiree Duffie told XBIZ. "The truck drivers are checking out the adult stores, and they know what a lot lizard is and what she does. Anyone who has ever been to a concert knows what Backstage Betty is all about. We tried to have fun with it and play off of some of those stereotypes."

Each doll's suggested retail price is $29.95.

For more information, visit the Topco Sales website.