VCX Title Remakes Renew Interest in Classics

LAS VEGAS — Golden Age titles from the library of adult classics distributor VCX are getting a second act with today's performers in familiar storylines, proving that the company's movies from the era are true classics.

VCX's two most recognizable titles from the '70s, "The Devil in Miss Jones" and "Debbie Does Dallas," reignited the attention of the adult buying public recently with Vivid's successful remakes starring some of the most recognizable faces in adult today.

The sales of the remakes spurred attention and demand for the originals by today's younger adult video consumers, a representative said, and the memories of seeing the movies in theaters and videotape caused many older consumers to purchase the original discs as well.

"It's a chicken and egg analogy," VCX President David Sutton said. "Are the originals driving the sales of the remakes or do the remakes help move the originals? When you have movies that are embedded in the collective psyche of the adult buying public the way our titles are, just the mention of them elicits the sort of name recognition you rarely see, even for mainstream films."

While younger viewers may have never seen the originals, the storylines of VCX's classic titles are so fixed into the popular culture that they are instantly recognizable, iconic movies of the adult genre, Sutton said.

"You say 'The Godfather,' and everyone knows what movie you're talking about, even if they've never seen it," he said. "You say 'Debbie Does Dallas' and everyone knows what you're talking about."

Sales for the original versions of the movies have always been brisk, Sutton said, and for movies older than most of the talent in the San Fernando Valley, the longevity of their demand is amazing.

When any title in the VCX library needs to be reordered, the company's production department completely reviews the disc to ensure the quality of the transfer, menus and bonus features are up to current standards.

VCX was one of the first adult companies to have a retail presence on the Internet and in 2004 Sutton spearheaded an initiative to stream the company's classic titles online at

"The continued success of our films is a triumph of their timeless storylines that entertained the adult consumer in the '60s, '70s, '80s and 90's. The titles continue to entertain and will into the foreseeable future," Sutton said.

To order VCX titles, email Sutton at or call (800) 350-1931.