Topco Sales Debuts grrl toyz Spinning Floor Display

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Novelty manufacturer Topco Sales has released its specially designed spinning floor display for the grrl toyz line of sex toys. It is available now for order and immediate delivery.

Desiree Duffie, Topco director of marketing and public relations, said that the company is devoted to marketing the grrl toyz brand on as many platforms as possible in order to promote brand recognition.

Duffie said that the spinning floor display, which requires 30 inches of floor space, is easily assembled and comes with instructions. And because it is designed in several shades of pink, she said, the display is eye-catching and boutique-friendly.

"The display encapsulates all of the press and marketing and will attract savvy, smart, stylish women," Duffie said. "And isn’t that the market we all want to target?"

The grrl toyz Spinning Floor Display also comes with a detachable holder for the brand's Spray Lubricants, and can hang on a wall or placed on a counter, according to the retailer's needs.

The display comes fully stocked with enough items to hang three-deep on 8-inch hooks.

"grrl toyz is heavily promoted through a focused event-marketing campaign and has been featured at numerous high profile parties in Los Angeles and New York," Duffie said.

The brand's next event sponsorship will be for Ladies' Night comedy shows, which will feature Danté from NBC's "Last Comic Standing."