Fans Turn Out to Meet Marco Banderas

LOS ANGELES — Following five days of meeting and greeting fans, award-winning international performer and Hot Zone owner Marco Banderas and Hot Zone's vice president of production Lisa DeMarco returned to Los Angeles from the 15th Annual NightMoves Adult Entertainment Awards Show.

The pair were featured at the show's fan get-togethers around the Tampa, Fla., area from Oct. 4 to 6. The show's activities concluded with the awards show on Oct. 8, with Banderas and DeMarco in attendance.

"It was a great event, and we had an amazing time," Banderas said. "I'm always grateful that the fans appreciate the work I put into my scenes. The attendees were enthusiastic about our titles and their input as to what they wanted to see was priceless."

Banderas is comfortable in his role as a producer, DeMarco said, and his dedication to delivering his all in his scenes as a performer shows in his movies.

"Marco's one of the few male performers that can carry a movie on his own," she said. "He's also an excellent director. But now he's also thinking like a producer, and the fans in Tampa are excited to see what he'll come up with now that Hot Zone's movies are entirely his own creation." For more information, visit Banderas' official website