Third World Debuts ‘Trisexual’ Title

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Third World Media’s “Trisexual Asylum” hits streets on Oct. 15.

Shot in Brazil, with an all-native cast, the title combines transsexual, female and bisexual male performers in a reported sexual free-for-all that leaves no niche unturned.

“It’s a crazy movie — it’s taking girls and boys, and it has boys who don’t mind boys and transsexuals who like boys and girls, and mixing it all up in an asylum setting — like an institution where people are locked up,” Third World director Ed Hunter told XBIZ. “The administrator is a she-male, and if you cross her you’re going to get punished. She punishes some man-ass and some girl-ass, as well.”

Hunter said that he made the movie in response to audience demand for transsexuals in more active roles, having sex with both male and female performers, as well as some demand for bisexual content.

“Response has been great,” Hunter said. “Everybody who supports our transsexual line has been real excited about it. They’re excited about this one because it adds just a little flavor — it’s a bi product, it’s a tranny product, and it fills a number of niche needs.”

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