McKai, Crew Party for 'Debbie Loves Dallas' Release

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. —Vivid-Alt founder Eon McKai hosted a party on Friday night to celebrate the release of “Debbie Loves Dallas,” his new wave version of the 1978 adult classic "Debbie Does Dallas."

The event was held at Dragonfly on Santa Monica Blvd. in Hollywood.

An unusual mix of industry members, goths, freaks, hipster club kids and fetish folks turned out to party with McKai at Miss Kitty’s club night, which happens regularly on Friday nights at Dragonfly.

“Loving is more important than doing,” 'DLD' star Dana Dearmond said, noting the slight but significant difference between the movie titles. “You can ‘do’ anything, but you can only love a few things in the world.”

Though Dearmond said that though she was on the 'DLD' set the least number of days of anyone in the cast, she did manage to have scenes with Tommy Pistol, Pixie Pearl, Icarus Corpse, her real-life boyfriend Daniel, as well as Julius Ceazher in a five-way done in a recording studio.

The ethereal Charlotte Stokely, who plays “Bambi” in the movie, was in attendance at the party.

“Working with Eon, you get to do things that you’ve never got to do before — I get to be who I am and what I enjoy,” Stokely said of McKai’s directing style. “But at the same time I get to be so many different characters. That’s exciting. Every minute of making the movie was something new and fun.”

Pitted against “Debbie” (played by Vivid contract performer Cassidy), the script called for some cat-fighting between the two girls.

“We started pushing each other, and I’m not a woman-pusher,” Stokely said, “But she was like, ‘Bitch, I’ll fuck you up,’ and I was like, ‘Okay, okay, you win hands-down.’”

In the back patio area of the club, “Debbie Loves Dallas” was projected onto the wall in a curtained-off space where a dozen people watched.

Newbie Vivid director Jason Sinclair said, “Hey, have you seen this porn? It’s amazing.”

McKai said he was pleased with the results of the movie, especially since it’s one of the first adult titles to be released on Blu-ray disc, from a licensed Sony replicator.

Between texting on his iPhone, McKai snapped pictures of another photographer named Jeff taking pictures of Dearmond and Stokely. Dearmond also posed with a 6-foot-7-inch androngynous go-go dancer named Jovan Loveless.

Fetish film producer Julie Simone also was seen circulating through the party.

“[McKai's] style is like no other,” performer Icarus Corpse said about his experience in the movie. “It’s different than anything else out there. I wanted to be in the industry for many years, and then [McKai] came and made the movies he made, and that made me want to be what I am today. Before, I thought I had too many tattoos and piercings and there was no genre for what I am.”

The highlight of the evening was “a good old-fashioned cock-sucking contest” held on the bar’s main stage, with Charlotte Stokely as a judge and Dana Dearmond sporting a large rubber dildo as the “blowee.” Three members of the audience demonstrated their oral talent, including a young man in a red plaid jacket. But the grand prize winner was a woman named Lori who exhibited powerful skills.