Cornetta Challenges Mayor to Participate in Town Fundraiser

JOHNS CREEK, Ga. — Love Shack owner John Cornetta has sent a letter to the local mayor challenging him to accept a $5,825 donation and participate in a fundraiser to benefit the fire department.

Cornetta told XBIZ that he and his wife in June started a fund to aid the families of fallen firefighter Felix Roberts and fire victim John Callahan, as well as assist in building a local fire department in Johns Creek, which only just became an official city at the end of last year.

Despite serious opposition from Mayor Mike Bodker — who has repeatedly refused donations from Cornetta in the past — Cornetta said he has steadily been raising money to aid the city and is planning a special fundraiser in December.

"They still don't have fire service in Johns Creek," Cornetta said, "but the mayor has plenty of money to fight me, and plenty of money for a brand new desk, and all these other things."

In his letter to Bodker, Cornetta invited the mayor to participate in a dunk-tank fundraiser in which both men would sit in separate dunk tanks and participants can pay to try to dunk them in cold water.

Whoever gets dunked most will be asked to donate an additional $1,000 to the fundraiser.

Cornetta said that if Bodker chooses not to show up, fellow adult industry member Mike South will step in and Cornetta will pay the $1,000 on his behalf.

"A quarter has gone to the Callahan family, a quarter has gone to the Felix Roberts Memorial Fund and the rest will be sent to the city," Cornetta said. "We'll see if they take it. I'd be shocked if they didn't."

Cornetta said that it appears there's nothing he could donate to the city that the mayor would accept. He said he even offered to donate one of his buildings and turn it into a police substation free of charge but was turned down.

He said that he specifically selected to donate a building located next door to one of his adult stores in order to prove the nonexistence of adverse secondary effects.

The next step, Cornetta said, is to continue to raise funds for the city, as well as starting a John Cornetta-for-Mayor fund.

"[The election] is in three years and it's a lot to talk about," Cornetta said, "but I figure a blind hobo could do a better job. I'm definitely taking a line from Larry Flynt, stealing a page from him."

Cornetta also said his fight with the mayor will continue until Bodker decides to accept the money and do what Cornetta feels is right.

"I'm rich, I'm always in trouble and I've got good lawyers," Cornetta said. "He picked a war with the wrong guy."