Taormino's Fellatio 'Expert Guide' to Ship Thursday

LOS ANGELES — Vivid-Ed director Tristan Taormino has completed her latest addition to the educational line of DVDs, "Expert Guide to Oral Sex Part 2: Fellatio" — what Taormino calls "the best one so far."

Starring a cast of performers whom Taormino told XBIZ were comfortable and natural on set, the newest expert guide explores the art of the blowjob, tapping the skills of Roxy DeVille, Christian, Lindsey Meadows, Marcos Leon, Kaiya Lynn, Alex Knight and Adrianna Nicole.

"I think it's the best one so far," Taormino said. "They just keep getting better because I learn more. I get really clear about what want."

This "Expert Guide" also features a special tutorial on giving fellatio to an uncircumcised penis, a technique that Taormino said she hasn't ever seen in a sex-ed video or book, along with special tips for anal play while giving head.

"I feel like this one more than ever was a real collaboration with the cast," Taormino said. They came up with ideas themselves — these people have sex for a living and some are really good at it, and all the ones in my movie are really, really good at it. They have a lot to share with the audience."

Taormino also said that a special scene between Meadows and Leon was one of her favorite scenes of all time, and that Nicole's fellatio skills in this "Expert Guide" are "off the hook."

"I can write the script and I can show the techniques, but this girl has just mad blowjob skills," Taormino said. "It's unbelievable."

"Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide to Oral Sex Part 2: Fellatio" features a slew of extra footage, including a blooper reel and behind-the-scenes footage.

Taormino said she will be in Los Angeles in December to shoot four more "Expert Guides" and to complete editing on "Chemistry 4."