Extreme Associates Discontinues DVD Production

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — For the purposes of Extreme Associates, the DVD is dead. Company owner Rob Black announced that he has decided to innovate the traditional distribution model by discontinuing DVD sales and is instead solely producing exclusive content for the Internet site, ExtremeVOD.com.

The outspoken Black came to this decision as the result of current economic marketplace conditions and outside pressures like his still-pending obscenity trial and what he calls the “poisonous” distribution system for getting DVDs onto retail store shelves. Always considered a maverick, Black thought the time was right to turn exclusively to digital distribution.

Partnering to bring Extreme online is HotMovies.com, which will provide the backend technology to drive ExtremeVOD.com.

“By going online-only, I took out the most bullshit element out of this business — kowtowing to distributors,” Black told XBIZ. “I hated playing the price game, I hated waiting six months to get paid from these cocksuckers. It’s been very liberating to me to be free of those chains. In fact, it’s the happiest I’ve been since I started Extreme.

“I’m creating the most direct line to consumers. That’s where the future of this business is headed. This is a groundbreaking move; basically, I’m saying ‘fuck the DVD.’

Black specifically cited the industry-wide downturn of DVD sales as the driving force behind his decision because he couldn’t survive in the current business model.

“Turning a profit from selling pieces these days is a ludicrous proposition,” Black said. “With today’s sales, even if I sell 1,000 units at $10 a pop wholesale, that’s only $10,000. I would lose my ass! I know gonzo movies are cheap these days, but not that cheap.”

ExtremeVOD.com launches on Oct. 1, and will feature “webisodes” that are available via pay-per-minute, streaming rental and HotMovies.com’s proprietary Download 2 Own program.

Each webisode runs 90 minutes or less and will be updated every two weeks eventually ramping up to once a week. Online series’ include “My Mom’s a Porn Star,” “Spoon Fed Cum” and “1,001 Ways to Eat My Jizz.” Extreme’s first VOD exclusive movie, “This Is Extreme,” features a sampling from each of the company’s web-only lines.

Black reasoned that Extreme’s fan base hasn’t dissipated over the years when his legal issues slowed production, so the launch of ExtremeVOD.com would seek to reinvigorate the company by creating one centralized hub for Extreme fans to access the content they’ve been seeking.

“For a few years now, it’s been hard to find our product because some distributors wouldn’t carry it,” Black said. “They’ve prevented consumers from buying legal adult entertainment. Going to the Internet is the way to circumvent all the politics. I’m not kissing anyone’s ass anymore, except my own.

“We are the first heavyweight company to abandon the DVD, throw our middle finger to the establishment once again and say ‘this is how we’re going to kick your asses in the marketplace of the future. It takes balls to say this is how I’m gonna do it and if you don’t like it, fuck you.”