Factory Video Goes Condom-Optional

SAN FRANCISCO — Gay studio Factory Video Productions put into effect a change in policy that will allow models the option of working with or without a condom when performing on Factory shoots.

Models would be able to decide their preference after discussion with other performers on the set.

The studio’s new condom-optional stance coincides with the release of their first non-condom title “Raw Rookies,” which is available currently for consumers at the company’s website and is scheduled to hit retail stores at the end of September.

“We have always been a company that prides ourselves on serving our customers and our models first,” Factory Video owner Scott Morris said. “We want our models to be able to express themselves in a way that reflects the sex that they really enjoy. So, we direct with only the minimum of control. The models just have the sex they enjoy the most.”

“Raw Rookies” was directed by the team of Luke Cross and his life partner/videographer Orion Cross, and features amateur performers as well as performers who are new to non-condom sex. The cast includes Will Montgomery, Alexandre Carino, Casey Wood, Erin, Mark Galfione, Enrique Gurrero, Adrian, Justin Side, and Luke and Orion Cross.

“Our other models have been more and more insistent that the choice to use condoms was theirs and not ours to make,” Morris said. “We have had to insist on the use of condoms on our videos to honor a vocal minority that insists that gay porn is condoms-only, which is something that the straight side of the business has never done. "Finally, we've decided to put our philosophy in practice. Our guys are all adults. They can make their own decisions about using condoms. It's always been our policy with [oral ejaculation].”

Factory Video Director of Business Development Jeff Rosenberg also commented on increased demand from the consumer for bareback content.

“Over the last few years, Factory has been getting more and more letters from consumers and retailers about videos that include barebacking,” Rosenberg said. “In response, we brought on the instantly popular Threshhold Media line to make unusual, nasty, twisted barebacking porn.”

Factory Video started primarily by shooting content for the web, then moved to put their content catalog on DVD, and was an early adopter of high-definition format. The company’s roster of lines includes Pumphouse Media, Blue Alley Studio, Threshold Media, Street Trade Studios, Slippery Palms Productions, Time Warp to the ‘80s and Working Girl Video.