VCX Launches

NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nev. — Golden Age studio VCX has launched a new pay-per-view website in partnership with Evotum. boasts one-click access to classics such as “Debbie Does Dallas” and “The Devil In Miss Jones.”

The Evotum technology platform enables users to watch VCX movies on a PC or TV in a “DVD-like viewing experience” with no download or player installation required. Evotum’s Java-based technology works across most media players.

The entire media file is downloaded onto the users’ PC and can be viewed at full-screen with no buffering delays. The movie is security-enabled and all player materials are deleted from the hard drive after the movie ends.

The initial lineup of classic films available on is “Debbie Does Dallas,” “The Devil In Miss Jones,” “Sex World,” “A Dirty Western,” uncut editions of “Little Girls Blue” and the entire “Taboo American Style” series directed by Henri Pachard.

VCX President David Sutton told XBIZ that the 10 initial movie selections to launch the site are viewable in full-screen for the first time. He said that VCX is the first company to go live with the new format.

“This new format is one that is banking on the marriage (they are already engaged) between the PC and the TV,” Sutton said.